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On thoughts + feelings.

The picture you see above sparked my deep dive into my own feelings the other day. It’s simple, right? Who knew my bathroom counter could cause such a stir! But let me explain just how powerful our thoughts and feelings can be.

I’ve been clearing space lately, and my bathrooms were next on my list. I took a trip shopping for new bathroom accessories, and on the top of my list were a new bathmat and shower curtain for my girl’s bathroom, baskets for organization under my husband and I’s sinks, and toothbrush holders. As I started to pick items out and put them in my basket, I was overcome with some interesting feelings. Guilt and anxiety came over me and I started to have some shortness of breath. I tuned in to what was going on and asked myself, What is this? The response, Why are you buying this stuff, you don’t need it? 

Does this happen to you?

Your ego will try to talk you out of things that are contradictory to what is in the best interest of your Higher Self. I needed the things on my list and had set the intention before heading into the store that what I was doing was an act of love to my family, but also an act of self-love to myself. I mean, a toothbrush holder? How could I possibly feel guilty for buying that?! But I was!

As the salesperson rang up my purchases, the feelings came back up again as I watched the price go up. I tuned in again. You spent too much moneyAnd the big one… You don’t deserve this. AHHH! There it is! My ego was trying to convince me the purchases I made were not necessary, too expensive, and too good for me! So let me tell you how I responded. After putting my bags in the car, I did the following:

I allowed myself to feel my feelings. I put my hand on the part of my body where the pain was coming from, my stomach, and just sat there and let them be. I felt pain, sadness, guilt, anxiety, and anger and I sat there with them for a few minutes. There’s nothing wrong with “feeling” our feelings, we just have to be able to recognize when those feelings are coming from our true Self or our ego. When you’re operating out of your true Self, those feelings can no longer reside in you. So how do I get them to leave?

I showered myself with love. Yes, I sat there in my car, closed my eyes, and imagined myself surrounded by the warmth of the sun. The sun makes me happy, makes me feel loved, and it instantly brought a smile to my face.

TWEET THIS: “Love brings Truth to any situation.”

I reaffirmed my intention and Truth. Once love was brought back in, I saw the Truth of who I was. And all the feelings I felt were just that…feelings. But they weren’t my Truth. My Truth was love, peace, joy, happiness, and what I had purchased for my home was an act of love to them and myself. And in an instant, I was home. 

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