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Think back to the last big accomplishment you made. Did you accomplish it without help or support from anyone? Chances are, you needed some kind of assistance along the way. But isn’t that the way life is? We need others, and women in particular, thrive in community and connection with one another. So why not have someone who agrees to lock arms with you and be there to experience the journey with you.

Here are five ways to find and prosper with an accountability partner in your corner.

Set the stage. If you don’t already have an accountability partner, now is the time to set the intention to do so. When we make an intention to bring something or someone into our life, the Universe will get on board. If you’ve got some big goals to tackle and don’t have anyone in your circle, now’s the time to set the intention to find an accountability partner to help you along your way.

Look for the signs. Your accountability partner may come in your life when you least expect it, so pay attention for their arrival. Also, be open to the location of your accountability partner. My accountability partner does not live in the United States, but with all the advances in technology today, it doesn’t hinder our communication and ability to support one another. Once you’ve met a potential accountability partner, look for things such as an instant connection. In addition, find an accountability partner that has similar goals and values as you.

Their cup runneth over. Use the partnership that you and your accountability have to pour into them. What do I mean by that? Give your partner all of your energy, expertise, knowledge, and support when the two of you are in communication. Bring value in every exchange, and hold space for them to work through anything that may be holding them back. Remember, what you put out in the world comes back to you, so pour into your partner and they will pour it right back to you.

Be goal chasers. Schedule time to talk about your goals. Set specific goals and attach a date to them. I would suggest regularly having quarterly meetings to discuss the goals of last quarter and then create new goals for the upcoming quarter. When we have someone else holding us accountable for those goals and cheering us on as we move toward them, we are far more likely to make sure those goals come to pass.

Dream together. Allow this new partnership the space to discuss all the big dreams you have for yourselves. This is the one person you can share your dreams with and know that they will be affirmed and supported.

So I’d love to hear from you. Do you have an accountability partner? How did you find your partner? Comment below and let us know.


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