Dead Weight (2)

Feeling a lack of goodness in your life lately? Wondering why you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Perhaps it’s time to do a quick evaluation of your life and implement some strategies to release the old to make space for the new. Here’s four ways to drop that dead weight so you can be free to live the life of your dreams.

  1. Acknowledge what isn’t working

This may seem like a simple step, but often times, it’s difficult to accept that what we’ve been doing for so long really isn’t working. Comfort, ease, and familiarity have gotten the best of you but now it’s time to acknowledge that ‘your’ way isn’t always the best way. So how do you go about that? Well, the first step is acknowledging and recognizing that you need to make a change. Next, examine the parts of your life that are just not working anymore. This can be a bit scary and frustrating, because it will likely bring up some things that you have been ignoring for years. For example, after examining why you can’t seem to stay focused on your diet, you realize that weekly restaurant lunch dates with co-workers throws your healthy eating off. As much as you want to spend time with them, to stay committed to your goal, you may have to pass. Finally, make a commitment to yourself to explore other ways to change up your current situation. Now instead of eating out with co-workers every week, you’ve decided that once a month lunch dates will keep you on track and allow you time to socialize as well. It’s all about balance.

  1. Gratitude: The Only Attitude That Matters

Feeling jealous about your co-worker that landed the promotion you wanted? Feeling angry at your child for disobeying you? Feeling frustrated that you’re not further along in life by now? Jealousy, anger and frustration are all emotions that stem from fear. Passion, excitement and happiness are emotions that stem from love.  Want more love in your life? Then focus on feeling love—and bringing love to you all day long. Need an easy solution? Feel more gratitude. It’s the only attitude that matters. Take some time each evening to write down what you’re thankful for. There’s always something to be thankful for, and when you make the choice to focus on the positive, more positive will come your way.

  1. Ask Yourself the Important Questions

Ask yourself: are you in the mood to feel frustrated about things not working out (time and time again) or are you in the mood to be in authority over your life once and for all? When you want to attract goodness in your life, you only have two choices—embrace it, or fear it. Where do your thoughts take you? Do you tend to focus on painful memories of your past, or do you think positive, optimistic thoughts about the possibilities of the future? Asking yourself questions (such as being aware of your self-talk patterns) is the first step to attracting the right things in your life. When you know what you need to change, you become open enough to change it. As the late Nelson Mandela puts it: “One cannot be prepared for something while secretly believing it will not happen.”

  1. Be Specific About What You Want

The way the Universe picks up on your feelings is like this: every thought you have creates a vibration in you. The feelings of love that you experience – passion, connection and excitement—creates a high frequency. Feelings of fear—self-doubt, insecurity, or hesitation—create a low frequency. The more you concentrate on the goodness you have in your life (which promote feelings of happiness and appreciation), the more goodness you’ll receive. When you notice a couple being affectionate in public and think, “How sweet. They seem like they are so in love,” you’re feeling love. And, when you feel love, you’re telling the Universe that you’re ready for love to come into your life. What you wish for, you get—and often faster than you may expect!

Life isn’t a battlefield. It doesn’t have to end in despair and finding happiness doesn’t have to be a struggle.  Focus on what you want, and be appreciative of the many ways that goodness is already in your life (good friends, a supportive family, etc.) When you focus on an attitude of gratitude, you’ll discover that it follows you wherever you go.
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