Change is uncomfortable, unpredictable, and to be perfectly honest, can get downright messy at times. But change by definition means “to make or become different” and the growing pains of change won’t always look pretty. In the midst of my own messy change, I came across several questions that I started to ask myself. Now let me warn you, as you start to ask these questions and get real with yourself, it WILL get messy. There may be bouts of crying, revelations, strongholds released, and even a renewed commitment to yourself. Here are some questions to consider as you “bless your mess” and embrace change.

Who am I performing for?

Change is often difficult because we’ve chosen to subscribe to standards set by society, our culture, our families, or the friends we surround ourselves with. Ask yourself if the things you do, the goals and aspirations you have, are they really yours or what someone has made you believe? Are you spending hours on the weekends keeping your house clean because you believe the definition of a good wife or mother is to keep a clean house? Are you running 10 miles a week because you believe you need to maintain a certain weight in order to be deemed beautiful? Ask yourself who you are performing for, yourself or others.

Where am I playing it small in my life?

Been dying to get back to dancing? Holding back from going after that promotion at work? Ready to speak up and let your significant other know your deepest desires? Step into your power, take charge, and go BIG! There’s likely an area in your life that you know you need to step up in a big way. Take a step today toward that new space you are destined for and watch how God and his Universe will line up with your desires.

What makes you feel beautiful?

A long flowing dress, a sensual body oil, a hot bath, fresh flowers? When was the last time you thought about how you feel when you embrace the beauty inside you? Do that thing for yourself that, once it’s done, gives you butterflies in your stomach, the thing that makes your heart smile. That thing only YOU can do for yourself.

The inner work that is necessary to bring you to your higher self is not a cake walk. It takes concerted effort, dedication, and courage. But beyond the mess is a beautiful sight on the other side, a new, strong, confident, authentic YOU!

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