Pregnancy can bring up all sorts of emotions, can’t it? You’re excited one moment, then you shift to sheer fear and anxiety of the unknown. As a woman, we have all these fears that maybe we didn’t do a good enough job of taking care of ourselves and nurturing our babies while they were in the womb. And then we have the excitement and all-emcompassing love that comes with knowing that soon our bundle of joy will be in our hands to hold forever. Giving birth physically is a huge undertaking, but today I’d like to offer a different definition of ‘giving birth.’ What about giving birth to an idea, a concept, a creative project that you’ve been thinking about for so long. I dare say that birthing these things in our life takes the same out of you, and it’s a life changing experience, just like giving birth to a child.

I’m right on the cusp of giving birth myself, to my book, Become You: A transformational blueprint for your mind, body, and soul, and can I tell you, it’s truly been an experience similar to giving birth to my own daughters. I’ve been plagued with nausea, sleepless nights, weight gain, and all those roller coaster of emotions. But as always, I take every experience in my own life and try to find the lesson in it. And I’m sharing it with you today, my five tips for staying sane while birthing an idea.

What is this really about? Let’s be honest, you can’t possibly be taking yourself through the metaphorical process of giving birth just for kicks, right? So when you find yourself in those valleys sad, confused, or frustrated, remember why you set out to do this in the first place. This will serve to call you back to your big ‘WHY’ that you hear so many people talk about. It’s the reason you get out the bed in the morning, your reason for being here, your purpose. So much of my purpose in life comes from my daughters. I want them to see their mommy, a woman, stand up for what she believes in, passionately chase after her dreams, define her own success, and create her own lifestyle without the input of the world. So find out what all this stuff you’re going after is really all about. And create, pursue, engage, communicate, straight from that place of truth within yourself.

Tell someone, not just anyone though. This is an important next step because you will need some support along the way. But let me warn you, don’t just tell some random friend, tell someone who you really trust will help you to protect your idea. They will likely be someone that is a positive support system to you, someone that constantly builds you up. When you tell your goals to someone it first, makes them real, and second, let’s someone else hold you accountable for going after that goal. In Matthew 18:19-20, the Bible says, “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they should ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” The Bible clearly makes the statement that having someone else stand in agreement with you will bring your goals into reality.

Ride the wave. Like I stated earlier, your time will be filled with emotions that will take you on a ride. And so I say to you, enjoy the ride as uncomfortable as it might get. Stepping out and doing something new will definitely bring up tons of new emotions that will test every part of yourself. So know this, all those crazy emotions won’t last for long. And on the other side of all the bad ones, are all the really good ones. Remember those difficult restless nights when you couldn’t get in the right position because your belly was just too big when you were pregnant? But what happened after the baby came, that memory was no more as soon as you held your baby in your hands. It was all worth it, wasn’t it? All the nausea, crazy hormonal changes, weight gain, it was all worth what you have now. So enjoy the ride….

Remain vigilant. I love synchronicity! It’s the basic idea that there are no coincidences, no chances in this life. Everything happens for a reason and I look for those ‘happenings’ all the time. Pay attention when things don’t work out the way you thought they would. Many times, you are being directed to something better, your purpose, to keep you on your path. Also, pay attention to the subtle nods and nudges from God that tell you to be still, move, or have courage in situations, that’s your confirmation that you’re on the right path as well.

Escape. I know this might sound a bit counter intuitive because we often hear people say how important it is to focus and sacrifice when we’re in pursuit of our dreams. But I’m a firm believer that unbalanced pursuit of your dreams can lead to resentment and burnout. So this is your gentle reminder to get away from it all every now and then and just ESCAPE!!! What do I mean by that? Relax, take a break, spend a weekend not thinking about it, just take yourself out of the equation for a bit and do something that brings you peace and contentment. Now I’m not saying you need to do this every weekend, but there do need to be moments in your journey when you just allow yourself time and space away from it all.  I talk about this concept in my book as well and found this to be an essential piece to my own lifestyle blueprint.

So now you’re up. Is there something in your life you’re in the process of birthing? If you’re up for it, share below. Or maybe you’ve just recently given birth, what lessons do you have for others? Post them below.

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